Net Check In - Patented

Net Check In is a patented, revolutionary tool that allows customers to check into a store / salon / office / service area remotely and in real time.

Any business that has a wait element to their service will be able to make the experience for their customers more enjoyable by limiting the amount of time the customer spends in their waiting room / lobby.

Here's how it works:

Step 1 - View a group of related businesses on a map.

Step 2 - Determine which business best fits your needs based on location and estimated wait time.

Step 3 - Check into the desired business's queue via the internet.

Never wait in line again! Net Check In takes the wait away.

Now the waiting room becomes the home, the coffee shop, the park, or anywhere the customer would like to be while waiting for their service.

Invented and Patented by Innovative Computer Software and available for licensing.

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To see Net Check In in action visit the following link: Great Clips Online Check-In